POLIMEKS Adhesives, started the production in 2001 as a result of 25 years experience in the related sector.
We mainly serve in the footwear , leather and leather products industry as well as furniture, upholstery, mattress manufacturing, automotive, construction and plumbing business.
To ensure customer satisfaction, the entire process handled rigorosly, consequently our company achieved success in domestic and international markets in shorter time, has come a great distance about becoming a preferred brand.
We mainly export to Russia and in addition, neighboring countries, Middle East, Europe and Africa.
We have been progressing confidently towards becoming an international brand.
Since 2001, our products have been produced  in our factory  which is located in Tuzla Industrial Zone together with  our experienced engineers, employees and  high-tech machinery in environmentally sensitive manner.
After sales,  we handle the returns on our products carefully and always take side of our customer when there is a problem to be solved.
Polimeks Adhesives will continue to progress towards becoming a global brand with togetherness of customers and employees and increase the variety of high quality products with good service as well as reasonable prices.
In this process, our priority is the health of workers therefore the health and safety legislation is fully implemented.
The major products manufactured in our factory are: polyurethane adhesives, natural and synthetic rubber-based adhesives, water-based adhesives and primers.
In recent years, as a result of increasing awareness of Polimeks Brand, to meet intensive demand in domestic and international markets, we increased our production capacity and planned for the new future investments.
20% of our total production for exports, apart from this domestic and international demand for our products have been increasing with each passing day.
Manufacturing our products according to quality standarts is essencial criterion.
Quality control, from raw materials to finished products are rigorously controlled.
We give utmost importance for shipment of the goods timely, thanks to our well organized work, grievances that may occur are avoided.
Product packaging are made in desired quality with the same standard as globally recognised brands.