Our policy based on producing the quality in ideal conditions without harming the environment providing the best living conditions for all our staff, giving the best service together with our high quality products. Apart from this, our main goal is representing our country in foreign markets in the best way and making POLIMEKS a global brand.

One of our other objectives of policy are evaluated time. We perceive time as not repeatable row material. When we turn the time to a positive energy and use it in our production, we know that we can improve the quality continuously and cost it cheaper.

With the idea that “result of globalisation open up the economic borders” we accepted the whole world as our country therefore our prominent targets became producing with clean energy, providing all people a better future and values.


Our company, production and quality management certified by ISO 9001 : 2008, created a valuable brand image in a short time in both domestic and overseas markets, has taken its place among the leading companies in its segment.

Polimeks is not only an industrial organisation which produce adhesive and export 30% of production, also contributes the development of the sector and raising awareness in Turkey and abroad.

Polimeks Kimya is aware of importance of R & D activities for competing with developed countries and sees R & D as a process that must be repeated in a systematic way.

Our company which exports to three continents, taking steps towards becoming a global brand and to increase the number of exporting countries, to create new franchises abroad, As well as aims to increase our sales volume in the current countries.

Polimeks is a member of AYSAD and ASKON organisations.