Polimeks PF-81 Postforming

This is used for automotive and furniture industry, for bonding process of all kinds of materials. It has broad range of usage. For bonding plastic and wood veneers to the materials such as chipboard and MDF. It can also be used as surface adhesives and for contact application. Excellent results for thin and thick laminates, edge applications as well as all kinds of bonding applications. It has heat, acid and water resistant structure.


For superior bonding strenght, surface must be kept clean and dry. Polished surfaces should be sanded. Before use it, it is necessary to mix and agitate the can. Adhesive applied by a pistol  on the both surfaces that  will be bonded. It is recommended to work at a pressure of 4,5 bar with a pistol that has nozzle with 1,8 mm diameter.  For post – forming process, the adhesive applied surfaces allowed to dry. The dried materials are heated up to 80-90 C degree. It is combined and pressed while adhesive keeping the temperature and initial hold. To prevent broking stick, the work environment and the adhesive temperature must be below 18 C degree.

Technical Specifications:

Principles: Polikloroplen
Color: transparent colored liquid or break our
Application: spray gun and coating machines
Viscosity: 300 ± 100 cps (Brookfield 20 ° C)
Solids: 20 ± 1%
Drying time: 30-10 minutes
Contact Life: 30-50 minutes
Curing time: 24 minutes
Storage Life: Approximately 6 months
Conditions of storage: packaging at room temperature.