Polimeks Sprex 22

This is in contact adhesive group used for furniture, automotive, packaging, textile industries, spring mattress, upholstery, carpet, sponge, fiber, mat, label, paper, woodworks, office chairs, sofa etc. to stick together or to others. At the same time, Sprex 22 used for bonding plastic and wood veneers to chipboard and MDF as surface adhesive and contact application. Perfect results received for bonding application of thin and thick laminates, edges and any kind of adhering application. This adhesive accelerates your mass installation, helps for savings in labor and unit costs.


It is sprayed with pistol or brushed to one surface or if required two surface as thin layer. If the application made by pistol, 2 or 3 minutes required to wait for drying. The surfaces which will be adhered pressed firmly

Technical Specifications:

Thanks to superior bonding feature, it gives excellent result in mass(serial) usage. Viscosity is adjusted to provide ease of use. It is sprayed to the surface as a thin layer like a film.
It can be used safely for the sponges which may be loaded with static electric.

Color: red or natural
Viscosity: 250 ± 50 cps (Brookfield 20 ° C)
Dry Matter: 44 ± 2% Drying time: 3-5 minutes