Polimeks Sprex 33

A group of contact adhesives with a wide range of applications and used in the furniture, automotive, textile, upholstery industry, as well as the industry for the production of spring beds for gluing carpets, sponges, fibers, labels, paper, wood elements, office chairs, sofas and the like objects and materials. When gluing plastic, wooden material, as well as plywood, MDF and other similar materials, it is used as a contact and adhesive. Provides impeccable results when gluing thin and thick laminate, as well as for any application at the edges. Provides speed for serial installation. Also provides savings in labor costs and cost per unit.

Mode of application:

It is applied by means of a brush or spray in the form of a thin layer on one surface, and, if necessary, it can be applied to both surfaces.
When applying with a spray gun, after use, allow to dry for 2-3 minutes. After that, the surfaces to be welded are powerfully compressed.

Technical characteristics:

Thanks to its excellent adhesion properties, it provides excellent results in a series of applications.
The viscosity is adjusted to ensure ease of use. It is applied by spraying to the surface in the form of a thin film layer. During use, it is not flammable. Reliably used together with sponges that accumulate static electricity.

Color: red or natural
Viscosity: 250 ± 50 cps (20 ° C Brookfield)
Dry matter: 44% ± 2
Drying time: 3-5 minutes